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Greenville Roofing Company is proud to be the ones to stand by you when it comes to making sure your roof is resistant to the elements and helping you out when your roof begins to wear. A roofing repair should never go long without being addressed. Taking advantage of our free roofing quote will allow you to see up front what needs to be done.

Whether it’s from age or a wicked thunderstorm, we have you covered and provide all the services you need to get your roof back in tiptop shape. What’s important is that we identify the problem quickly and take preventative action to ensure those few shingles sticking up don’t turn into a rotted out section of fascia that needs to be replaced.

What are some of the signs that my roof may need a repair?

Well we’re glad you asked, here are a few of the signs of roofing damage and how they can come about.

Granule loss – As shingles age, they’ll begin to weather and small pieces of them (granules) begin to tear away. When you begin to see signs of granule-like particles on the ground around your roof or around your gutters’ downspouts, your shingles are likely wearing down and could be exposing the underlying surface.

Damaged Shingles – Shingles are not immune to the elements and can break when exposed to severe weather conditions. If you notice a broken shingle, this would need to be repaired immediately to prevent a leak.

Curling edges – When shingles experience excessive heat or dry out, they can curl inward or outward which can in turn expose the underlying surface.

Split Shingles – Shingles tend to expand slightly when hot, and contract when cold, if they go through sudden changes in temperature, it’s not uncommon for them to crack and allow a possible entry point for water damage.

Excessive weathering – When two sloped parts of a roof meet, they form a valley. These valleys tend to wear down quicker than other parts of the roof because they collect rain and funnel it down to the gutter causing increased erosion of the roof.

Flashing – Many professional roofers (like us) use roof flashing to direct water away from areas of your roof that form corners with something coming vertically out of your roof, like a chimney. When this joint is improperly sealed or if the contractor misses a spot, the flashing can curl up and let water in.

Leaks – Everything up to this point has been preventative, however, when you have a leak, that is a sure sign that things have gotten bad and you will want to call us immediately so that we can prevent and further damage to your home.

Now that you know about some of the repairs that can be made to your roof and the warning signs, feel free to give us a call for a free estimate for a repair or if you just have a question about your roof! We’re always happy to help.

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